Harry Potter Stupefy

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Harry Potter Stupefy

Harry Potter Stupefy

Harry Potter Stupefy!

Wizards and witches, enter the Wizarding World with Stupefy!, the immersive and incredibly fun party game full of bluff and surprises. So pick up your wand, select your chosen house and get ready to be transported to the magical halls of Hogwarts. Magic is waiting for you!

In this fast bluffing game, you will have to defend the colors of the brave Gryffindors, the cunning Ravenclaws, the loyal Hufflepuffs or the canny Slytherins. Your house is counting on you. Live up to its reputation!

Choose from 8 beautifully crafted wands the one that corresponds to you and get ready to cast spells at your opponents. Practice your Stupefy and Protego but always make sure to carefully hide your intentions and surprise everybody. 3-2-1… Wands at the ready!

Players 4-8

Playtime 30 Minutes

Age 8+

34.99 £24.99


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