Ravensburger Disney Marvel Villainous Board Game

£29.99 39.99

Ravensburger Disney Marvel Villainous Board Game

Ravensburger Disney Marvel Villainous Board Game

Ravensburger Disney Marvel Villainous Board Game

The core concept of Marvel Villainous remains the same as Disney Villainous. Each player takes on the role of one of the classic villains from the Marvel comic book franchise. You could be any one of Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Killmonger or Taskmaster. This game scales for two to four players, despite there being five different villains.

Your aim, should you be so evil to accept it, is to dominate the Marvel universe! Every one of the five villains has an asymmetrical win condition. On your turn you move your villain to a different location on your player board. Then you undertake the dastardly actions stated there. Usually this involves hand management. When you play cards to your own board, or others, this manipulates your attempts to inch towards global destruction.

Over the course of the game, a whole host of familiar villains and heroes from the world of Marvel enter the fray. This occurs when they get played (or revealed) from the Fate Deck. One of the big changes in Marvel Villainous over the Disney version is here there’s a shared Fate Deck. (Instead of players having their own individual Fate Decks.) Will the twisted fates smile upon you? Will you cackle as darkness looms over all? Or will another villain thwart you?

There’s a multitude of differing game modes. These allow flexibility with regards to adjusting the difficulty. Because of these beginner and advanced options, Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power has the scope to appeal to all kinds of board game fans.

2-4 Players

40-80 Minutes Per Game

Age 12+

39.99 £29.99


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