Ravensburger Scotland Yard Sherlock Holmes Edition Board Game

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Ravensburger Scotland Yard Sherlock Holmes Edition Board Game

Ravensburger Scotland Yard Sherlock Holmes Edition Board Game

Ravensburger Scotland Yard Sherlock Holmes Edition Board Game

A covert game of cat and mouse set on the streets of London

Criminal mastermind Mister X has escaped Scotland Yard and it's up to you, Scotland Yard's famous detectives, to catch him! Use travel tickets chasing him by taxi, bus, and underground, around Piccadilly Circus, along the River Thames, and through Paddington Station. Will you apprehend this dangerous criminal or will he disappear forever into the London fog?


First decide who will play the role of Mr X!

Mr. X Receives: 1x transparent playing piece, The Mister X visor, 1x Travel Log, 1x Black Ticket, 1x Double-Move Ticket

Each Detective Receives: 1x Playing Piece, 1x Ticket Board, 4x Underground Tickets, 8 Bus Tickets, 11 Taxi Tickets.

The aim of the game is for the detectives to catch Mr. X who can travel via any form of transportation without any tickets. Mr. X is also invisible for most of his turns so it's up to you to try and predict his next move.

The Detectives must use their transport tickets to try and catch him but they need to be careful as they only have a limited amount of tickets. Luckily all the detectives can coordinate with each other and narrow down their search for the dreaded Mr. X.


In each round, Mr. X first makes his move but only records his move in his travel log - unseen by the detectives. His playing piece remains off the board for the time being. Once Mr. X has completed his turn, the detectives take their turns in any order.

All detectives share the same goal: catching Mr. X either by one of them finishing their move on the same station as Mr. X or blocking all stations with detectives leaving no free station for Mr. X to move to.

As Mr. X is invisible he must record his moves on his travel log however before his 3rd, 8th and 13th moves he must reveal his location by placing his playing piece on the station he is at. The Detectives then need come up with a strategy and narrow down the search before he disappears again or they run out of tickets!

End of Game

The detectives win the game if:

- A detective finishes his move on the same station as Mister X. If Mister X happens to be invisible at that time, he has to show himself.

- Mister X has no free stations the he can move to. All possible stations are blocked by detectives

Mister X wins, if:

- He manages to travel across London for 22 rounds without being caught by the detectives. The round is only over once the detectives have also completed their moves.

Age 10+

2-6 Players

24.99 £19.99


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