Nemesis Board Game


Nemesis Board Game

Nemesis Board Game

Nemesis Board Game

In Nemesis players will each take control of a character waking up from hyper sleep with some serious problems. One being the hyper sleep fog that means they don’t remember the layout of the ship, and the other being the multiple warnings going off and the dead body. From this point on Nemesis is a game of cat and mouse with the intruders (aliens) and potential the other players.

At the start of the game each player is given two secret objective cards, and at the point that a player first meets an intruder everyone must chose one of these cards. Generally one card will have a more selfish goal and one a goal that benefits the team. Which they choose is up to them. Even if their goals are more team based they may unknowingly conflict with other team mates. Some may want to head the ship to Earth, others may want to go to Mars.

As well as this players will have to be careful in their encounters with the intruders, lest they get infected. An infected player cannot win the game! Nemesis is a game that creates memorable stories each time you play. Last time I played I managed to double check the ship was headed to earth (it was despite what my lying teammates told me) and jump in an escape pod before jettisoning away from the ship. A quick health check showed no infection! However after I left the ship it became clear one player was trying to blow it up, as they set the self destruct before claiming another escape pod! In the dying turns the remaining players cancelled the countdown and returned to hyper sleep!

Nemesis has quality components through out and is in my mind more that worth the higher cost than other games!

Player count: 1-5
Time: 90-180 minutes
Age 12+

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