Noggin Card Game


Noggin Card Game

Noggin Card Game

Noggin Card Game

Noggin is the best game you’ve never played. It’s all about reacting quickly to random pairs of letters, for example, if you were asked you to think of a word that starts with an A and ends with an M could you do it? Maybe you’d think of ArM or AlarM?

What about a word with those two letters in the middle. You might say flAMe or dreAMs.

What about a famous person with those initials Anthony Mackie… Maria Antoinette.. Muhammad Ali?

What about two words that have a connection beginning with each of the letters? Astronaut and Moon or Ambulance and Medicine.

The game starts by taking three random letter cards and placing them face up on the table in a triangle.

After the remaining cards have been shuffled and dealt out evenly, the players will take turns to flip over one of their cards and place it onto one of the three letter card piles. Eventually, a player will deal an Action card, which will cover one of the three letters, leaving just two of them visible.

When an action card lands, it tells you what to do with the two visible letters, and you need to create an answer, FAST! The player who shouts out a correct answer first, wins that action card.

There are 14 action cards available to win and you play until all of the cards have been dealt out. The player with the most Action Cards at this stage, is the winner!

Included in the pack are letter cards and action cards. With seven types of Action cards and an unlimited combination of answers. Noggin provides a quick-thinking, replayable challenge for children, teens and adults alike!

Age 12+

2-20 Players



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