Dungeons & Dragons Mythic Odysseys of Theros


Dungeons & Dragons Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Dungeons & Dragons Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Dungeons & Dragons Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Challenge the Gods

Welcome to Theros from the world of Magic: The Gathering, where legends walk the lands. This is a realm shaped by deities and the deeds of heroes. From the temples of omen-speaking oracles to the five realms of the Underworld, the champions of the gods vie for immortal favour and a place among the world’s living myths.

This campaign sourcebook provides tools that both players and Dungeon Masters need to explore the world of Theros. Dungeon Masters will have everything they need to guide adventurers across the domains of mortals, gods, and the dead.

For adventurers this source book will introduce how to align with one of Theros’s fifteen gods as well as introduce more subclasses, races and powerful weapons.

Explore Theros

Originally created as a setting for the Magic: the Gathering trading card game, Theros adapts Greek mythology into a world built from the ground up for epic fantasy adventures.

From the starry realm of Nyx, the gods rule over all. They seek champions—heroes to enact their schemes and spread their ideals. But are their gifts ever truly free?

Introducing Supernatural Gifts

All heroes are born with supernatural gifts. Were they bestowed by a god? The gift of a sphinx? The choice is yours. Each option grants your hero unique talents—whether blessing or curse.

Inside you'll also find two new playable races: get up to mischief as a fun-loving Satyr or play a proud, lion-like Leonin.

Explore more sub-classes and obtain powerful weapons.

Build your Adventure

Kick off your campaign with a ready-to-play starting adventure. Players will unravel a mystery, uncovering secrets buried in the depths of the Underworld.

Beware the gorgon queen, Hythonia, and krakens eager to feed. Create climactic battles with detailed maps and stat blocks for mythic monsters. Discover treasures, from flying chariots to the spear of Heliod himself.


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