Codex Tau Empire Hardback 2018

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Codex Tau Empire Hardback 2018

Codex Tau Empire Hardback 2018

Codex Tau Empire Hardback 2018

The Codex: Tau Empire overflows with background and rules: it is the ultimate book for Tau Empire collectors.

 Within its 88 hardcover pages you will find:


- The dawn of a new empire: an introduction to the Tau Empire, its rapid expansion to the caste system that regulates its society;
- The art of war - the ancient tactical philosophies and traditions still respected by T'au warriors, and their application to interplanetary wars, including the strategies of Kauyon and Montka:
- Destinated to dominate the stars: the history of the expansion of the Tau Empire in the galaxy, including the description of the first contact with the Imperium and details on the Seven of the First, Second and Third Expansion Ball;
- A map of the territories of the Tau Empire at the time of the Fifth Expansion Ball;
- The language and culture of the T'au, with a guide to the names and their alphabet;
- Description of the military organization of the Tau Empire, including an exemplified expedition force, signs for 21 different seven and examples of symbology for teams, helmets and battlesuits;
- Examples of color schemes for 12 seven;

- A showcase of beautiful painted Citadel miniatures with examples ranging from images of individual models to battle scenes.


Here you will find what you need to prepare a Tau Empire army for your Warhammer 40,000 games:
- 38 technical data sheets with the rules for each single unit and miniature of the Tau Empire;
- Army skills reflecting the war style of the Tau Empire on the playing table;
- Arsenal of the Empire: shooting and melee equipment used by the Tau Empire;
- Point values for all thumbnails, weapons and equipment to be used in balanced matches;
- Supremacy through unit: rules for organized armies, including:
- 25 Unique Stratagems, including 6 specific

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